when she broke the silence,
she would find out how
much noise it took
for me to keep
Andrew Richard Franco, dividing math class
When I said that I would wait for you, I had a suitcase packed. So if you never came, it would always seem like I were moving on.
Andrew Richard Franco
There is no other explanation for the desire to kill yourself—you just want to go home.
Andrew Richard Franco
If I come back to you, do you promise not to understand me this time? Do you promise just to be fucked up too?
Andrew Richard Franco
i stopped
when i began
fucking you
Andrew Richard Franco
Death is not permanent enough to live with as life is not temporary enough to die for.
Andrew Richard Franco
I suppose that butterflies got tired of my stomach. Tired of their acidic-based diets that only burned them into nothing, and so that’s why they never come around anymore.
Andrew Richard Franco
I was so caught up in living, I had forgotten what it was like to not be alive.
Andrew Richard Franco
in one
i could
you for
Andrew Richard Franco
People aren’t meant to really live. They are meant to try. I know this because I died. Reason for death: life.
Andrew Richard Franco